It’s about communication, persuasion, decision-making and psychology. It’s about the brain. Much of what happens in deposition, trial, mediation, or arbitration is not what’s in law books. It is about what’s in other books and other fields. 

  • Adding an expert in those areas to your legal team and tool box is a wise investment for you and your clients. Especially your witnesses. 
  • The world’s best athletes make use of expert coaches. The better the athlete, the more coaches they often have. The best leaders and the best executives have the best coachesA trial consultant acts as an expert coach to a good attorney. Some coaches can’t do what they teach. But they can help you do many things better. Skilled people benefit from good coaching.
  • A good Psychology/Social Science Consultant brings another perspective. A VERY different perspective than an attorney. That’s what you need most. After all, you are a good attorney. What you need are different perspectives and backgrounds. That scares most attorneys but that’s also what they need the most. You are wise enough to understand this and create an advantage.
  • Dr. David Illig, a good litigation consultant, witness consultant, jury consultant, trial consultant is like having another set of tools in your toolbox.  He gives you an advantage over other attorneys. He gives your clients a significant advantage. They will appreciate you giving them advantages and giving their case these advantages. 
  • The “Experimental Litigator” tests everything they can about a case in some manner. Sometimes at no monetary cost. Faith, custom and hope are not the way your clients does things in their own field.